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Super Score Sunday

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A couple of weeks ago I sat in my room, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I need for now and for my upcoming move to Bolivia.  Well, mostly overwhelmed by the amount of  money I needed to purchase these things.

Earlier that day I’d gone to both Target and Walmart and priced out every item I needed, yes some may call me anal, I just call it smart. From shoes to shampoo to pens  and underwear, and while the items weren’t singularly pricey, I added the numbers together and it was much more than I could afford.  So instead of dwelling on the impossible, I prayed.  I prayed that God would provide everything I need, and I have no doubt that he will, especially if these last couple weeks stand as any example of his provision, because boy has he provided, and I’m so excited that I want to share just a little of what he’s given me.

Super score! new balance
Store: Goodwill
Price: $9
I was so excited when I found these basically new New Balance 442’s.  Probably my favorite tennis shoes ever, I’ve owned 2 pairs in the past and I’m so excited to have gotten this pair for more than 75 % off the department store price

Super Score! waterbottlesStore: Goodwill
Price: $1 each (the camelback was bought for 50% off)
I go through water bottles like mad.  I went through 3 on the Race alone through breaking and… misplacement, so I figured it would be a good idea to bring a cheap spare, and can I just say I love the design on the first one?  It was a super great find.

Super Score! productsStore: Walgreens
Prices: Deodorant, 50 cents each; Shine Serum, $2.75; Mousse 79 cents
Amount Saved:  $10.20
I’m a self-proclaimed sunday add hound.  I clip coupons and circle the awesome sales for the week.  I went to Walgreens because the deodorants were on sale, and I had a coupon, and I just happened to find two other things on my list, the mouse and shine serum, both on clearance.

Super Score! clothesStore: Goodwill/Value Village
Price of the 5 items: $25
I’ve had some excellent clothing finds at thrift stores lately.  Before the race I frequented thrift stores but never went into the clothing section, now that’s my favorite part!  I love some of the deals I can get, like brand new Lands End jeans on sale for $6.50 or a nice ruffle collared Gap shirt for $5.  Every other item in the picture is name brand as well, from Eddie Bauer to Adidas, all of which would have cost me around $150 brand new.

Super Score! umbrellaStore: n/a
Price: Free!
As I’d gone to thrift stores I’d kept my eye out for a small umbrella.  I’ve done the whole rain jacket thing, and I got soaked.  I even managed to forget my jacket at my contacts house on the very last day of ministry in Malaysia, hence I needed something new and umbrellas are cheaper than jackets, especially this one.  When I told my mom some of the things I was looking for she said “I have an umbrella you can have.  I never use it.” All I could think was, score!  Thank you Jesus!

So that’s my first round of “Super Score Sunday.”  I’m sure as I continue to prepare for Bolivia and finally find out how much I will need to raise I will have some more great finds, because I know, God provides!

Check back tomorrow to find out more about the big adventure I have coming up this week!

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