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Encountering Home: Puget Sound

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In the past 9 years I’ve spent more time away from Washington than “home.” I’ve gotten the chance to see the world.  Thirty-six countries on seven continents later, I’ve experienced big cities, from Hong Kong to New Delhi to Johannesburg and Istanbul.  Each of the cities are incredible and beautiful, but none of them compare to home.  I miss the beauty of Seattle.  The waterfront, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound.  There is no other city in the world with the same combination of human and natural wonders, and I love it.

So, in my brief amount of time in the Pacific Northwest this summer I want to be able to re-encounter and enjoy my surroundings.  To see the things that made me fall in love with Seattle in the first place and hopefully get others to see that Seattle isn’t all clouds and rain, and possibly fall in love with it too.

So to start of my “series,” this past week I encountered one of the natural wonders that defines Western Washington.  Puget Sound, an inlet of water featuring nearly 200 islands, views of snow-capped mountains and incredible wildlife. I love just standing on its shore, although I would never recommend swimming in it.

My favorite way to see Puget Sound?  By ferry of course! And Washington just so happens to have to most extensive ferry system in the US and the most used ferry system in the world!


A view of Bremerton with the Olympic Mountains towering behind the city.

Mount Rainier

Looking south at Mount Rainer, aka my mountain.  This view never gets old.


Coming up on Seattle with the still-snowcapped Cascade Mountains in the background.

Seattle Waterfront

The Seattle waterfront.

Puget Sound Ferry

A Washington ferry crossing Puget Sound from Fauntleroy to Southworth.

Puget Sound Beach

Walking along the beach in search of seashells and sea glass.

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