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A Week In The Life: July 10-16

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a week in the lifeThis last year,as I was traveling on The World Race I had the idea to give my readers and supporters a glimpse into the life of a World Racer and out of that “A Week in the Life” was born.

While my gusto in this idea only lasted a couple of months, mostly due to Picnik.com (a photo editing website) closing, for 3 months I carried around my Ipod for a week, taking pictures with instagram and then forming the pictures into collages and posting them onto my blog.  I had a lot of fun, but when I couldn’t form the pictures into collages anymore it just became to much work.

Then, about a month ago as I was brainstorming ideas for this blog and the features I want to pursue on it with my return to Bolivia.  One of my favorite ideas?  A revamped/scaled back version of ” A Week in the Life.”   I just want it to be a small glimpse into my life and the awesome things to come in Bolivia.  But, instead of waiting until I get to Bolivia to start I thought I’d get a jump on building my new daily photo taking habit by beginning ” A Week in the Life” a little early, starting this last week with my trip to Georgia for Project Searchlight.  Enjoy!

A week in the life1.  New Kindle, yay!  What a blessing! (more on that to come). 2. Cute little Finley, he made our Project Searchlight coaching sessions so entertaining! 3. Billy Swan, teaching it up at Project Searchlight. 4. Large Frosted Orange drink, Hamburger and Onion Rings at Atlanta’s famous Varsity. 5. Braves vs. Mets game. 6. Missionary Interview sessions. 7. Happy 27 Birthday to me! 8. Surprise visit from Warren Barfield


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