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Project Searchlight: Braves Game

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project searchlight

I’m admittedly not the biggest baseball fan.  I don’t hate the sport, I just get bored really easy, however I do enjoy the whole baseball game experience.  The hotdogs, popcorn, hats and attempts made to get on the big screen.  When you’re surrounded by the right group of people anything can become fun.

My World Race family is definitely the right group of people, so even though the Atlanta Braves aren’t my team (go Mariners!) I decided to join everyone at a Braves games over Project Searchlight, and, between the rain, dancing, second inning power outage, big screen attempts and the Braves victory over the Mets, it was an exciting game indeed!

Braves Game


Braves up to bat!

FriendsEnjoying the game with friends, old and new! Erb, Ricks and Anne!

We may have been in the nosebleed section, but they definitely weren’t a bad seat.

BravesThe experience is all in the details.  I love these seats!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’m posting a blog on how Project Searchlight went, and most importantly, what I got out of it!



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