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Capture the Colour!


So, there’s this photo contest called “Capture the Color” sponsored by @travelsupermkt that I’ve seen popping up on my favorite travel blogs this past week.  The challenge is for bloggers to showcase their best photos in 5 different color categories, red, blue, yellow, green and white.  The more I looked at other bloggers entries to the contest the more I knew I had to enter it too!

So here you go, these are my entries for Capture the Colour:


Barong Show in Bali IndonesiaWhen I traveled to Bali in 2009 I was entranced by every element of the island and the culture that lives there.  I particularly loved how colorful and vibrant the culture is with bright colors adorning everything from traditional dress to offering boxes and the costumes used in the stories of Balinese mythology, like the Barong, or Spirit King featured in this photo.


Romanian Gypsy GirlI spent a month volunteering in the poverty stricken Gypsy communities outside of Targu Mures, Romania in late 2011.  One day as we were walking around from house to house I stumbled upon this little Gypsy girl with the most incredible blue eyes. Eyes that can stir up a collection of emotions and with a color that you just want to dive into.


Mozambique In February 2012 I found myself outside of Beira, Mozambique living in an orphanage.  One day, after the rain clouds had passed I grabbed my camera and took a walk around the property when I spotted this woman working in her rice fields next door.


LhotseIn 2008 I had the incredible opportunity to hike the Everest Trail in Nepal.  On the fourth day of our trek we reached Tengboche, the midway point on a trek to Everest base camp, just as the afternoon clouds rolled in.  I was disappointed that I’d missed my chance to photograph Everest and the neighboring mega mountains, then, a small opening in the cloud cover poked through allowing me to snap this shot of Everests’ neighbor, Lhotse.


Lokrum IslandOff the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia there is a small Island called Lokrum.  While the island doesn’t have any permanent human inhabitants it does serve as home to several families of peacocks, whose ancestors were brought over from the Canary Islands by the Archduke Maximillion (who had a home on the island) more than 100 years ago.  After being chased by hoards of peacocks as I wandered around the island, I snapped this photo of a lone peacock, sitting on the ancient window sill of the islands Benedictine Monastery, which now sits in ruins.


And now as part of the contest I’m supposed to nominate 5 bloggers to take part so I’m nominating:

Pencil & Lace
To Ireland I will Go
Somehow Beautiful
Adventures in Kuwait
The New Has Come
Make sure you get your entries in soon!  There’s only a few days left in the contest!

So what do you think?  What photo do you like best?

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2 thoughts on “Capture the Colour!

  1. I LOVE your pictures, Amanda! You have an incredible eye!

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