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Breaking My Pride: Asking For Help

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Pride is like a wall. It’s a barrier and often an obstacle in our life paths.  A wall that many of us are too stubborn to break down.

I used to have a pretty big wall.  We’re talking Great Wall of China folks.  Seemingly impenetrable.  But slowly, brick by brick I’ve been able to disassemble the wall.  Well, most of it.  There was still this little nub, a row of bricks that I would trip over each time I passed by, but I wasn’t ready to finish off the wall yet.  I should be able to do some things on my own.  I mean, I’m a strong, twenty-something independent female.  Or at least that’s what feminism tells me.

But the truth is, what good is surrendering 99% of my pride if I still hold on to that little bit?  That row of bricks that continually trips me up?  It’s would be better to just be rid of it all and walk freely.  I’m sick of stubbing my toe on those stupid bricks and I’m ready to throw them away once and for all.

So here it goes, my last little bit of pride I’m kicking it to the curb and I’m finally admitting that

 I can’t do any of this on my own. 

 Any of it.

I’ve known for a long time I need God’s help in everything.  That was 99% of my wall.  But that last 1%?  Well, that was admitting that I need help from people, specifically you.

By now you know that God’s called me back to Bolivia to serve for an indefinite period of time.  That I’m going to be partnering with Hospitals of Hope, running their coffee shop and helping with volunteers,  and you know that I’m leaving as soon as possible, aka as soon as I get the $7,500 I need to live and work as a missionary there for 10 months raised.

And let me tell you, God has been so good!  It’s been two weeks since I officially started fundraising and so far $1100 has been raised!  I was also informed by my contact Daniel at HOH that as soon as I have $1000 in my account (which I am assuming is physical dollars, not pledges) we will book my flight.

I am so excited and so terrified at the same time, because I know that day is coming soon.

But while the $7,500 covers costs such as transportation, housing, food, ministry etc., any costs above and beyond that are mine to figure out, and let me tell you, there are a lot of costs.

Bolivia is considered a developing country or third world.  Many of the items we use everyday either aren’t available there or they come at a hefty price.  For example, one day I was in the grocery store and found a stand of strawberry pop tarts.  I love pop tarts, so I ran over and they were $11 for one box.  Ouch!

While I don’t plan on packing any pop tarts with me as I head for Bolivia, other products like American shampoo come with similar price tags.  And clothing?  Well, because I am unfortunately not a size 6, or even a 10 for that matter I can basically forget about it.  That is unless I want to strut down the street in a nice velvet Quechua skirt.  I don’t know if they’d really like me much if I did that.

So, I will be packing nearly everything I need with me, and it’s overwhelming.  God has blessed me with enough money this summer to pay my bills that come along with living here, like care insurance, but that doesn’t leave much for anything beyond current necessities, like gas.

And that’s why I need your help.

I need your help in just acquiring the day to day items I will need to bring with me.

While God has blessed me immensely this summer through couponing, allowing me to fill nearly all of my oral care needs, razors and deodorant for less than $5, couponing abilities only stretch so far.

So how can you help?

  1. Do you have any old unused giftcards laying around the house or gathering dust in your wallet?  Unless it’s for someplace like Home Depot I guarantee I can put it to good use!
  2. You can help me by financially supporting my acquisition of the items I need.
  3. Maybe you have some of these items lying around your house.  I need everything from shampoo to batteries and a packable rain jacket so chances are you have something.
  4. Or maybe you just want to go on a shopping trip and by the items…

However you want to help, the help would be greatly appreciated!

So now I know what you’re thinking.  What the heck do you need?  Well, like I said I need everything from shampoo to batteries and a packable rain jacket. I’ve compiled a visual list with descriptions of many items I need on my Pinterest site.

Pinterest Name: Amanda Dorough
Board Name: Bolivia or Bust!

If you don’t have Pinterest but would like a list feel free to email me at Godgirl1615@aol.com or leave a comment and I will send one to you.  And like I said above, giftcards or finances to get these items work as well!

Now here comes the biggest laying down my pride part.  It’s something I’ve debated about posting but it’s also something I’ve been praying for God to provide for months and I feel like I need to ask because, maybe one of you will be able to help me.

I’m a photographer.  Maybe you knew that, maybe you didn’t.  I love taking pictures, but even more I love sharing stories through pictures.  Stories of God’s creation and what God is doing in the world, and I’m super excited for the stories of God’s work that I’m going to be able to share from my time in Bolivia.

But…. Well here it goes.  I need a camera.  Well, actually I need two cameras, kinda…  There, I said it.

Now let me explain.  After graduating college I used my graduation money to by a Canon Rebel.  It’s just a basic DSLR but it still took amazing photos.  There’s just something about photo’s taken with a DSLR.  The quality seems to capture people’s attention more.  My Rebel has been a good camera.  It’s been well-traveled and taken close to 70,000 photos, and it’s getting tired.  I can already see the photo quality lacking compared to newer cameras, but the real problem is the lens.  I may or may not have dropped it at some point along the road, the lens barrel got a little bent, and now I am unable to take wide angle photos, which are the primary type of photos I take.  A new lens will cost me $170.  $170 that I don’t have.  And that’s my first need, a new 18-55mm lens.  While my heart actually yearns for a new camera, the new Rebel, or I guess even a used Rebel, I know that the only piece I can actually claim I need is the lens.

To continue on, there are some aspects of my ministry where a large black Digital SLR will be to intrusive, like when I’m in hospitals and in some village situations where the Bolivians have superstitions against big cameras (it’s true).  This is why I really want to bring a point and shoot camera.  Something small and discreet that can be used to take photos in these situations.  Even though I’m a Canon girl, currently I’m not too picky and would be willing to take a camera from any brand, used or new.

So, maybe you have a camera at home that you never use, or you just feel it lain on your heart to help me out.  I can tell you that I desperately want to share the stories of God’s work, in fact, I consider my photography a huge part of my ministry, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

In fact any help that I can get in acquiring any of these items is so, so greatly appreciated.

And anything can be sent to my home address at
2212 165th Ave Ct E
Lake Tapps, WA 98391

I know I can’t get all these things on my own.  I know I need help, so this is my laying down my last little chunk of pride and asking for it.


In the end I would also like to take the chance to thank some of those people who have helped me on this road already.

To Rikki Lynn, who so graciously gave me her backpack, before the World Race was even over.
To Karen Lynn who dove into her couponing stockpile to help me, and helped me put together care packs for kids I will be visiting in Bolivian hospitals.
To Lisa Triola and Jessica Montenegro for supplying a ton of goodies for the care packs.
And to my Mom for her willingness to do what she can to help me acquire the things I need.

Thank you.  Thank you, and God Bless!

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One thought on “Breaking My Pride: Asking For Help

  1. Love your heart in this, girl. God has all the provision you need, which is easier to say than to wait and see him show up sometimes. But I know that He has big things in store for you! Blessings, girl…keep being open and vulnerable…He is your strength!

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