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Have you heard?  I have a little thing called a FLIGHT to a little country called BOLIVIA!  That’s right, this trip has suddenly become so real!

On Monday I emailed Daniel, the international volunteer coordinator for Hospitals of Hope and he told me we could book my flight once I’d reached $4000.  By the end of the day I was only $40 away so he said we could go ahead and book it.  So the last couple days were filled with flight research and calls to the Bolivian consulate.

So are you wondering when I’m leaving?  Do you really want to know?  OK…..

I fly out on October 11!  As in 3 weeks from today, not October 11, 2013.  I know it may sound quick, but I’ve been preparing for this moment since May, and you may remember that the original departure date I wanted was September 17… So I’m anxious.  Anxious to get down there and start working, and the benefit of leaving in October is that I will get back home in early August, with enough time to enjoy some summer vacation with my family.

Even though I’m leaving in October I still have $3500 left to raise to reach my $7500 goal.  If  you or someone you know would like to support me with even $5 click the donate link in the menu bar to find out how.

I am also still in need of a point and shoot camera and an 18-55mm Canon DSLR lens.  So if you would like to help me in obtaining one or both of these items, or if you have a point and shoot camera laying around the house that you would like to donate please let me know.  I really want to document and tell stories and throughly as possible during my time in Bolivia.  I consider photography to be a huge part of my ministry, often my photos have gained more attention and made much more of an impact than the words I write and I would really love to continue to impact people back home as I venture to Bolivia!

I can’t wait for the incredible things God is going to do this year!


It’s going to take 5 flights to get to Cochabamba, but I’ll get there eventually!

Author: Manda

Hello! I'm a lover of adventure, budgets, creativity, and living life to the fullest!

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