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Little Miss Wedding Photographer

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I never planned on becoming that type of photographer.  You know, the type of photographer who has like 2-3 shoots and week and who posts pictures of happy couples and glamorous weddings online with a fancy little watermark in the corner.

Instead I’ve always considered myself a photojournalist.  The type of photographer with a passion for telling the stories of the people and places I visit, in a raw, National Geographic-esq type of photography.  I don’t know how to pose people and the concept of doumenting someones important memories terrified me.  I mean, what if I didn’t get the right shots?  It’s not like we can go back and do the wedding all over again….

Yet when my friend MB asked if I would be willing to photograph her wedding in August my brain must have shut off because I said yes.  And then I could only think why did I say yes?  Instead of freaking out I tried to find the positive aspects of the situation.  I mean my friend was taking a chance on me, someone with zero wedding experience, and you never know it might come in handy in a portfolio one day…

So on the wedding day I showed up at the location, camera and lenses ready to go.

August 4, 2012 was both a perfect day for a wedding and the worst day for a wedding.  The pro was it wasn’t raining, which, in Seattle you can never bank on and those who plan outdoor weddings are brave souls indeed!  But it was also the hottest day of the year.  Seriously, I was in a pool of sweat in 5 minutes, and so was the bride!

In the end, despite the heat, and some issues with sun spots shining through the trees, I think the pictures turned out well!  It helped to have an incredibly photogenic and fun couple.  I was also lucky her wedding was when it was, because the next week my wide-angle lens reached a state of brokenness that there is no returning from!

Below are some of my favorite shots out of the hundreds from the day.  I spent weeks editing and trying out different effects, and in the end I’m happy (…although the first one did get cropped awkwardly…)!

Who would have thought?  I got through it, I didn’t die and the pictures actually turned out well!  Who knows, maybe I’ll shoot some more weddings in the future…

For now though, God has blessed me with so many photography/portrait opportunities in the last few weeks I’m home.  I did some senior pictures last weekend and I’ve got shoots lined up both weekends before I leave.  I feel like I need to point out that these were not opportunities I necessarily pursued, but they’re opportunities God gave to me, and I’m so grateful and excited!  Who knows, my portfolio is building up and maybe people in Bolivia will need portraits too!

More pics from these future shots and the senior pics shoot to come before I leave!

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