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Guess what?  I leave for Bolivia in 10 days!!!!  Holy smokes, where has time gone?

Currently I’m busy getting things ready to go, including a Q & A to answer all your questions,  but right now I want to give you a quick update, because, well, God is so good!

First, regarding the funds I need to raise for Bolivia.  As of two weeks ago I officially had $4300 raised!  Thanks to incredible donations from so many of you I am more than halfway there!  My goal now is to have the remaining $3200 I need raised by November first.  I know it’s a lot of money, but it’s penny’s to God!  If you would like to support me through a donation or monthly (ie. $10/month) you can find out how by clicking the “Donation” link at the top of the page.

Second, a few weeks ago I posted a blog asking for help obtaining the items I need to bring with me to Bolivia.  I had everything from Shampoo to a Point and Shoot camera on the list and it felt so overwhelming, but my friends really came together.  Within two weeks I was given bags of items I needed, others gave me gift cards, and some even asked me to do photoshoots for them (which has helped me raise money), and now I officially only have one item left on my list, and it’s the biggest item so that’s kinda expected (18-55mm lens for a canon DSLR…or a new DSLR to replace my old, dying one, but that’s really a dream!)  I haven’t given up hope getting the DSLR though.  Like I said, I consider photography to be a huge part of my ministry, and God’s provided everything else, so why wouldn’t he provide this as well?

The lesson learned here?  God is sooooooo good, and he can provide anything you ask for!  I may not have 100% of what I need yet, but I know it’s totally possible!  And thank you so much to all of you who have helped me get to this point.  You may not have received thank you cards… yet, but your generosity hasn’t gone unnoticed.  You are making a difference!  Thank You!


A paparazzi moment on the World Race in Romania.

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