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My Big ‘Ole Bolivia Q&A

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I officially leave in a week, which means I’m going to get crackin’ on my packing list AND that I felt it was high time to answer all the questions I’ve been asked over and over again, so here you go, I hope this answers yours!

1.  When are you leaving and how long will you be gone?

I leave Seattle at 7:20am on October 11, and after 5 flights I should arrive at Hospitals of Hope some time in the afternoon of the 12.  This will be my first international flight alone in quite awhile so it will be interesting.  And then I’ll officially be returning to the US on August 7, 2013, just under 10 months later.

2.  What’s the name of the city you’ll be living in again?  Chochbonga?

I’ll be living just outside of Cochbamba, Bolivia in the village of Vinto (pronounced Bean-toh).  It’s about a 40 minute Trufi ride (the public transportation) from the city center.


Look out at Cochabamba from the Christo statue at the south end of the valley. If you find the highest point in the mountains and follow it down and to the left to a yellow patch, that’s the area where the hospital is!

3. Where will you be living?

While I’m with Hospitals of Hope I will be living in the hospitals guesthouse, located about 100 feet behind the hospital.  The building used to be an orphanage, so it’s huge, and with the Andes Mountains dramatically rising up behind it, the view isn’t to bad either.

4.  Will you have internet?

Yes, however, like most things in Bolivia it’s unreliable.  When I was in Bolivia last fall our internet at the guesthouse/hospital would work about half the time.  So if we set up a Skype date I’m just warning you, there could be a chance we’ll have to reschedule.  If the wireless goes out enough I will also have the ability to go to a cafe in the city to use their wireless, or to an internet cafe down the street from the hospital, so being offline should never be a huge issue.

5.  What’s the weather like there?

Hot… and cold.  Cochabamba is nicknamed the city of eternal spring because of its mild weather.  Typically it can get into the 80’s during the day year round and then down to the 50’s or 60’s at night except during the winter (June-Aug) when it can get down into the 30’s.  The key to surviving in this weather is definitely going to be layers!

6.  How much money do you still need, and when do you need it by?

Which I don’t have specific deadlines like I did on the world race, the basic answer to this question is that I need the remaining money as soon as possible.  I still have $3200 left to raise and the sooner that money is raised the sooner my focus can be on my ministry alone instead of fundraising, so I’ve set my deadline to have it all as Nov. 1, 2012.  I’ve seen God raise $4000+ for me in 10 days, so I know it’s possible!  The only way I will be able to so ministry in Bolivia for 10 months is if this money is raised so if you or someone you know when like to help further the kingdom and change lives in Bolivia please consider donating.  You can find out more on how to donate by clicking the donate button at the top of the website.

7. Can we send you letters or care packages?

Yes, but not the traditional way.  Bolivia has a notoriously unreliable postal system, so everything sent down to me must come down with volunteers.  So, if you’re thinking of sending something contact Daniel, Hospital of Hopes international missions coordinator at daniel@hospitalsofhope.org and he will let you know which upcoming volunteer you can send it to!

So, I hope that answers all your questions!  If you have any more let me know and maybe I can do a part 2!

Oh & P.S. I now officially have everything from my needs list, including the 18-55mm lens.  God is so good!

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