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1 year.  Those 365 can hold a lot.  Births, deaths, graduations, marriages, round the world adventures….

Early on October 12, 2011 my World Race squad departed our hostel in La Paz, headed to the airport, and boarded a flight that would carry us away from Bolivia and on to another continent and another ministry.

This year, on October 12, 2012 I will be touching down in Bolivia.  A year to the day since I left.

When I first discovered the dates were the same I was floored.  I’m not one to typically search for meaning in numbers or anything but this is a crazy coincidence!  And how cool is it?!

When I left Bolivia last year I desperately wanted to go back but I doubted when or if I would ever get the chance to, now I’m moving there! 366 days later(because 2012 is a leap year) I’ll begin a life in Bolivia that could last for who knows how long.

God is so cool sometimes 🙂


Continuing on….  I leave tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW!

These last few days have been nuts!  So many things to buy, photoshoots to do, loose ends to tie up and of course, bags to pack!

Yesterday, as I was packing I probably weighed my bags 10 times.  Right now I’m at the limit and I still have more to put inside… this is the point where packing really stinks.  So today will be devoted to inventorying and deciding what I don’t absolutely need and can leave  behind.

Next time I talk to you guys it will be from the other side, from Bolivia! And I have a couple prayer requests for the process, so if you have time and would be willing to pray for me I would greatly appreciate it!

1.  That all five of my flights would go smoothly, that my bags wouldn’t be overweight and that there wold be no lost luggage!

2.  That my transition into Bolivia goes smoothly and that when I go to immigration within the first few days that they would find favor in me and the whole visa extension process would be sped up!

Thank you everyone for all your support in every way.  I appreciate it so much!  And I can’t wait to share with you all the great work that’s happening in Bolivia!

Author: Manda

Hello! I'm a lover of adventure, budgets, creativity, and living life to the fullest!

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