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Project Life: Week 1

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Here we go, as February swiftly approaches I’m finally getting my first week of Project Life posted.  To be fair I’ve had it done for weeks but the busyness of life stole me away, and confession, I haven’t even started working on weeks 2 or 3 yet.  Things seem to be settling down a little bit so I’m excited to finally get back to my first loves and I also have a special project I’m working on that hopefully I’ll be able to share soon!

Ok, week one…

When I decided to approach doing Project Life I knew it could get real overwhelming real quick, so instead of striving to do 2-page layouts every week like so many project lifers out there I decided to go with the flow and only use as many pages as I needed.  Most weeks I’l probably only use one but there are others where I may need 4, it all depends on how life goes…

That being said, week one of 2013 wasn’t super eventful, but I still managed to find enough to document.

Project Life

While we we were still missing the long wished for snow, the temperatures here in the PNW plunged and our evergreen landscape was turned into a frosty wonderland.  I loved it.  But because this girl has spent most of the last year in summer climates, the cold doesn’t agree with me quite yet so I the majority of my time indoors DIYing and redecorating.  It was a blast.


The one big event of week one was my favorite (and only) nieces 6th Birthday!  As soon as she got home from school I drug her outside to snap this shot.  She wasn’t super excited about getting her photo taken so the best smile I could get out of her was a kind of pained smirk, but hey they do call this Project LIFE, don’t they? And you can’t get more real than that!

Project Life

While I’m still debating what Project Life Core Kit I want to buy I needed to find something a little extra to fill my pages, so I went into Adobe Illustrator and  made myself little 3×4 calendar cards for every month.  I think it turned out well, what do you think?

Whew!  Getting this up is a huge weight off my chest!  Now I need to set to work on weeks 2 and 3.  The goal is to have week 2 up next Sunday.  I can do it…. I think I can, I think I can!

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