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My Love Affair With the Target Clearance Rack


Sale.  This one word can make any womans heart flutter.  When you add the word Clearance into the mix, ooo, watch out.

When I go to Target (which isn’t as often as one might think) I have a habit of trolling the end-caps and attune my vision to notice the little orange stickers that mark an item as clearance.  Those beautiful orange  stickers.

Every now and again I make some great scores at Target, but this week was better than most.  Here’s what i got…Target Score

Pink Scotch Expressions Tape: Originally $3.20 on clearance for $1.64, used $1 coupon = 64 cents

Mead OrganizHer Coupon binder: Originally $15 on clearance for $4.50

Suave Professionals Hair Care: Not technically on clearance… had BOGO coupon worth up to $5, it took $5 off my total cost so each bottle came out to 50 cents in the end, yay!



Heather Bailey Planner: Originally $15, on clearance for $3.50.  I have trouble using planners but I do make lists so I’m hoping the format of this planner will work for me, and if not at least I didn’t spend a fortune on it.

Target saving


Package of 4 bowls: Originally $7 on clearance for $2.  I’ve been stocking up on household items for awhile now.  A couple weeks ago I bought a pack of plates on clearance so I thought I might as well get some bowls to go along with it.  Afterall, you can’t eat cereal on a plate!

Target Savings


And finally I was able to score this dress as well as the same design in black for $12.50 each (Originally $25!).  The funny thing is a couple months ago I took pictures of both dresses and put them on my “want list.” I typically don’t get 95% of the things on my list so it was cool to score something for once, and for a good price!

Have you had any great scores at Target (or anywhere else) lately?

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2 thoughts on “My Love Affair With the Target Clearance Rack

  1. I have been looking for that Mead OrganizHer Coupon binder everywhere! I can’t find it lol. Any ideas?

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