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I have a confession.

I still sleep on a twin bed.  The same one I’ve had since I was 6.  Well… different bed frame, same mattress.

I know, I know, but mattresses are expensive yo!

I actually pride myself in being able to sleep anywhere.  On a bus? No problem! On a pool mat?  Perfect!  On a single couch cushion? Done.  So overall sleeping on a small mattress is fine for me, but man is my mattress firm!  Not quite a rock like my bed in Thailand was, but nowhere close to sleeping on a cloud.

My parents bed on the other hand is amazing.  It’s heaven.  So soft and wonderful.  But because I’m a little to old to climb into bed with my parents (and man that would be weird… I don’t even want to think about it), I don’t get to sleep in their bed often… except when they go on vacation…

Did I mention my parents are in Hawaii this week?  I know lucky them.  What I wouldn’t give to be on a beach in Hawaii sipping a Mai Tai right now… a girl can dream.  I guess lounging on their bed will have to do for now.

Currently I’m laying down, typing this blog with an episode of Full House playing in the background (great childhood memories.  Oh Uncle Jessie) and it’s amazing.  If I can’t be in Hawaii then I want to be right here.

So now to get on to what this blog is really about.  Project Life aka my total failure.

Yep, in the last 3 months I officially completed 1 week. 1 week!

Oh such an epic fail it has been.  I was so excited when it all started… I blame it all on 3 things.

1.  Not having a smart phone, if I did I would Instagram everything!

2.  My life currently is no where near as interesting as it was the past year, so I just don’t know how to document it.

3.  Not having one of the project life core kits so putting the pages together was taking forever.


It’s going to be awhile until I can remedy the first one, I’m coming to terms with the second one, but the third one was something I could really do something about, so I bought a core kit.


When the year started I thought I knew what kit I wanted but then Project Life released their new catalogue with some amazing new kits and I got confused, suddenly there were so many options.  Problem was the new kits wouldn’t be released until May so I decided to wait.  Obviously waiting didn’t work, so this last week I decided to pop on Amazon.com and buy the original kit I had my eyes on, the Olive Edition.

Boy am I happy I bought it.  It’s so pretty!  And the colors are so me.

Project Life

IMG_4661There are around 12 different style 3×4 cards (and they’re double sided with different prints!) and then 4×6 cards as well.

Project Life

Project LifeI’m so excited to set to work this week.  Get the ball rolling again!

And now, speaking of project life and have a secondary project going on that involves Project life materials, but more on that later 😉


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