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Like a Karate Chop to The Face

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Ya that title means nothing, but anyways…

36 days…. 36 days since I last posted.  Oh ya, I thought about blogging several times in those days… thought about it, but didn’t do it, and well, it felt good.

I feel like there’s been a pressure on me the blog for the last 6 years.  A pressure that I indeed put on myself.  I wanted to share my experiences on SAS, in Thailand and on the World Race, but despite my desires there were just points I just got burned out.  The words didn’t come, pictures weren’t taken, and it felt almost freeing.

But alas, I keep coming back and I don’t see an end to my blogging coming any time soon.

It just felt good to to do nothing.. except work, and it would have felt even better if I didn’t have to do that!  I’m still getting used to having a split shift, it threw my clock for a bit of a whirl, so during those 6 hours in-between I’m not motivated to do ANYTHING, except watch TV.  I’ve watched a lot of Shark Tank, and Duck Dynasty.  Gotta get my Uncle Si fix!

I guess all that to say, I have content coming this week!  So watch out!






Oh, and my absence wasn’t all due to a lack of motivation.  There was that one afternoon I got in a car accident.  Yep.  I’m ok, just had some whiplash but everything is better now, but I only have liability insurance and the other driver was uninsured so I’ve had a lot of stress on my shoulders trying to get the money for the parts I need to fix my car.  In the meantime I’ve been driving my Grandpas GIANT Oldsmobile that gets about 12 miles to the gallon.  Ya, I need to get my cute little car back in tip top shape soon!

My poor little car

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