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I took a long walk last night.

I do my best thinking when I walk, and I had a lot of thinking to do.

I’ve had this feeling in the pit of my stomach since leaving Mexico.  A ball of excitement, motivation and energy.

But as each day passes the feeling fades a little, and it scares me, because I don’t want to loose it.

So I set out on my walk last night, sun shining, Rend Collective Experiments “Campfire” (my fav. album!) blasting on my IPod, and mind fast at work.

“Come on my soul, Come on my soul, Let down the walls, And sing my soul”

How could I keep this feeling?  How could I use this feeling?

It would require change, like what I spoke about in my last post….

“I’m running fast and free to You, ‘Cuz You are the movement and fight in me, I’m running fast and free to You, ‘Cuz You are my home where I wanna be, Come move in me, Where I wanna be, come move in me”

First things first, I NEED to be in the Word daily.  I’ve had my phases.  When I was on the World Race I did fairly well at reading my Bible daily.  Then, when I was in Bolivia I would take my Bible with me to the Cafe and read it during slow periods.  And then I moved home… my excuse was always “I don’t have enough time” or “My stupid thryoid makes it so I can’t concentrate” (I have Hyperthyroidism).  But they were only excuses, not real reasons.

“Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, How wonderful, Yes Jesus loves me, This is love, You gave Yourself”

Next, I NEED to be healthy.  I’ve talked about it for years, but loosing weight is not an easy feet.  I’ve bounced around within the same 30 lb. range year after year.  I’d loose it, gain it back, loose it, gain it back, and as a result I’ve never had much self confidence.  It’s time to step into the shoes I was always meant to be in.

I have this rain jacket that I bought on closeout from REI.com before I left on the World Race.  When I got it in the mail I excitedly took it out, put it on, then “uh oh,” it barely zipped and didn’t come anywhere close to fitting.  Imagine those rolls of cookie dough you can buy at the store.  I was like the dough, the jacket was like the plastic holding in all the goodness until it busted out.  Way. To. Tight.

Today the jacket fits the same, tight, uncomfortable.  So here’s the goal I’ve set for myself.  By the first weekend in March next year (aka the  Mexico Retreat at Winema) I’m going to be able to wear that jacket comfortably, maybe even with a sweatshirt underneath.  It will be work to get there.  I’m going to need to change my eating habits and my exercise habits, but it will be worth it.

Winema Camp

“We seek Your kingdom first, We hunger and we thirst, Refuse to waste our lives, For You’re our joy and prize, To see the captive hearts released, The hurt; the sick; the poor at peace, We lay down our lives for Heaven’s cause, We are Your church, We pray revive, This Earth”

And finally, like I spoke about in my last post, I NEED to stop talking about becoming an EMT and just do it.   Most of you don’t know this but the thought of maybe becoming an EMT has been in my head for about 9 years.  When I decided to leave Vanguard U, and I wasn’t sure if I’d get into Liberty for the fall,  getting certified as an EMT was kind of my backup plan.  Fast forward to 2010.  I had just moved home from Thailand and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  Once again the idea of becoming an EMT came into my mind, but I decided it wasn’t the right time to pursue it, and that’s when the World Race came into my life.  So that brings me to today.  I already expressed that the EMT road is the road I know I’m supposed to go down right now, it’s just roping the motivation to get all of my paperwork in by God-willing next Monday (my Birthday!).

“All that I am is dry bones, Without You Lord, a desert soul, I am broken but running, Towards You God, You make me whole”

So those are my big three goals for this coming year leading up to Mexico 2014,

1.  Be in the Word everyday.

2.  Get healthy.

3.  Follow my dreams, become an EMT.

I’m definitely going to need accountability getting there, especially with numbers 1 and 2.  I know it’s a long way to go, but I’m excited to see what the outcome will be!

July 2013


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