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The Rebel Badge Book and Me

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If you know me you know I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself. I can’t sit still. I NEED to have something on my to do list.

Earlier this spring I came across The Rebel Badge Book and was completely sold on the concept. Imagine earning merit badges, like a girl scout, but as an adult. How cool is that?! I immediately ordered the book off of Amazon and when it came……….I was instantly overwhelmed and put it on my shelf where it proceeded to sit for the next couple months lol. Like you do seriously have to work for the badges, it’s not just simple little tasks. Well, some tasks are simple but they’re always paired with more difficult ones. According to the author of the book all of the challenges (together) are meant to keep you occupied for a year or two, so I guess easy was never the goal.

OK so fast forward to a few weeks ago. I had an add pop up, or maybe it was an article, I really can’t remember, anyways it was about the Rebel Badge Book which inspired me to pull it off of my shelf and give it another look. This time that sense of being overwhelmed wasn’t there. Instead, armed with a stack of sticky notes I made a game plan. Badges I wanted to complete, badges that were lower on the lists, tasks that would be easy for me. You get the idea.

The next step was to then join the facebook community, which, to be honest is what really pumped me up and gave me the motivation I needed. There I learned that in addition to the badges in the book they also do monthly and quarterly challenges. For example this coming month is the “Foodbank Challenge.” There are a total of 16 tasks and you have to complete at least 8 to finish the challenge and earn the badge.

Oh and did I mention there are actual badges?! I’ll probably wait to order them until I’ve earned more and I know where I want to put them, mainly because the author is based in the UK and shipping can be pretty nuts, but they look cool! Good news though, she also has sticker versions of the badges, and those, along with a couple special event badges (like the food bank) I totally ordered!

So I tell you all this today for 2 reasons.

  1. Because I think the Rebel Badge Book is super awesome and it would be great to have people closer to me geographically to do challenges with
  2. Because you’ll be seeing posts on here about my progress with the badges. One of the tasks I chose to do is to literally write consistently on a blog for 6 months. So here we are!

Now in addition to the Rebel Badge Book I have an additional challenge I gave myself (before I even picked up the book again). It’s totally seperate from anything Rebel related (although I suppose there could be a little overlap). So more on that in my next post!

Until then I hope you’re enjoying your last few weeks of summer!



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