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Life List

Life List

Presenting my Life List, aka a Bucket List, however instead of focusing on the “kick the bucket” part I like to focus on life, hence life list!

Below I have my list organized into three different sections, ones that I’ve already checked off are struck out at the bottom of each section.


Tour Rome
Drive the Amalfi Coast
Overland Africa
Backpack around Europe
Visit Israel and Jordan
Go surfing in Australia
Photograph Antarctica
Soak up everything Rio de Janeiro has to offer
Explore Cappadocia
Climb mount Kilimanjaro
Visit Nogorogoro Crater
See Norway and it’s Fjords
Explore Iceland and soak in the Blue Lagoon (2021)

Photograph Nepal (2008)
Experience New York City (2004,2005,2009)
Visit Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland 2011, 2012)
Visit Peru (2011)


Visit the historic sites of Greece
Take part in extreme sports in Interlaken, Switzerland
Climb a Mayan Pyramid
Climb the Pyramids in Teotihucan
Stand at the leaning Tower of Pisa and take a cheesy picture
Be given a somber reminder at Auschwitz
Photograph Notre Dame de Paris (2022)
Read Ephesians, while walking through Ephesus
See the masterpieces contained in the Louvre
See the masterpieces housed in Florence (2022)
Get wet and wild at Noahs Ark Waterpark
Visit Capetown and climb Table Mountain
Explore Macchu Picchu
Visit Easter Island
Trek the Torres del Paine
Walk the site of Lord of the Ring in New Zealand
Visit Iguazu Falls
Visit Victoria Falls
Climb the Statue of Liberty
Be a geek at Harry Potter World
Ride a cable car in San Francisco
Climb Half Dome
Tour Alcatraz
Visit Pearl Harbor
Live it up in Las Vegas w/o loosing any money (2018)
Stroll around the French Quarter in New Orleans
Go to the top of the Eifel Tower
Relive the “Sound of Music” in Salzburg
Hike around Uluru in the Australian Outback
Climb the Sydney Harbor bridge
Walk Moscow’s Red Square
Photograph Sydney’s Luna Park
See Stonehenge
Visit Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks
Ride the Trans Siberian from Moscow to Beijing
Visit Yellowstone and photograph Old Faithful
Photograph Petra
Explore Alaska (2014)
Experience first hand the opulence of Dubai
Take fun pictures on the Bolivian salt flats (2012)
Tour the Galapagos islands
Eat pizza in Naples
See the California Redwoods (1996)
Soak in History at Haggia Sophia (2006)
Walk through the Mezquita in Cordoba (2006)
Walk the walls of Dubrovnik (2006)
Explore the Forbidden City (2006)
See the Rockies (1999, 2003, 2004, 2011)
Get lost in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong (2006)
See the Grand Canyon (2004)
Visit Niagara Falls (2005)
Pretend I’m Indian Jones in the Temples of Angkor (2009, 2012)
Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge (1996)
Take a stroll around Central Park (2004,2005,2010)
Stand on the Equator (Ecuador 2011)
Go inside of the Pyramids in Egypt (2006)
See King Tut’s mummy (2006)
Visit Disneyland (1996, 2002, 2003)
Visit all 4 parks at Disneyworld (2007)
See Lake Louise (1999, 2004)
See the Taj Mahal (2006)
Climb the Great Wall of China (2006)
See Mt. Everest in person (2008)
See Lake Titicaca (2011)
See all the monuments in Washington DC(2004,2005,2006,2007,2010)


Change someone’s life (2018)
Be truly content
Swim with dolphins

See a polar bear in the wild (2022)
Go to the Opera
Learn how to play guitar (in progress)
Be published as a professional
Find a job I love (2016)
Road trip across the US from coast to coast
Learn to scuba dive
Ride an ostrich
Climb a real, big, mountain
Milk a cow
Visit all 7 continents (5/7)
Visit all 50 states (37/50)
Really learn where I came from by researching my family tree (in progress)
Celebrate New Years Eve in a big city
Go dog sledding (2017)
Go cage diving with great white sharks
Go skydiving
Drive to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and touch the Arctic Ocean (Arctic Ocean in Barrow, even better)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go on a helicopter ride (2021, 2022)
See an active volcano up close
Attend a professional football game (2022, Seahawks vs Lions)
Fall in love
Get married
Have a family
See the Northern Lights (Canada, 2004)
Circumnavigate the world (2006, 2011/2012)
Visit a place most people don’t (Burma 2006, Bangladesh 2008, Swaziland and Mozambique 2012)
Live Abroad (Thailand 2008-2010, The World Race 2011-2012)
Fill up my passport (2009)
Go barefoot for a week (Vietnam 2009)
Get a piercing somewhere other than my ear (2012)
See a musical on Broadway in NYC (42nd Street, Hairspray)
Knowingly eat something absolutely nuts (Rat, Cricket)
Ride an elephant (India 2006, Thailand 2008/2012)
Ride a camel (India 2006, Egypt 2006)
Meet someone famous (Jay Leno, Chris August)
Go whale watching (Hawaii 2002)
Go on a cruise (2005, Semester at Sea 2006)
Drive in a country that drive on the opposite side (Thailand 2009)
Go white water rafting (Canada 2002, Laos 2009)
Swim with wild seals (South Africa, 2011)
Ride in a horse drawn carriage (Turkey 2006)
Go to the Ballet (Seattle, Nutcracker 1990’s)
Be in the audience of a TV show (The X Factor, 2011)
Learn to surf (Hawaii 2001, Bali 2009)
Go on a real African safari (Swaziland, 2012)
See Lake Titicaca (2011)
Go ziplineing (Thailand 2010)
Take part in Songkran (Chiang Mai, 2010)
Go to college and get a degree (2003-2007)

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  1. Amanda, I think you and Katie live parallel lives! call me soon 206-778-8235

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